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Message of the managing partner    

    You are now in the website of AN, TIAN, ZHANG & PARTNERS. Welcome!

    The world of business is moving faster than ever, and is increasingly global in scope. Around the clock, information and data is instantaneously transmitted throughout the world, feeding the needs of business. Since its entry into the WTO, China, with its vast market and dynamic economy, has more and more merged itself into this global village.

    One of the main topics in business of the 21st Century is intellectual property. In this area, AN, TIAN, ZHANG & PARTNERS is one of a limited number of local law firms that can offer,under the international standards, one-stop optimal solutions to the problems faced by multinational companies. We have experienced ever-increasing demand for our particular legal expertise concerning the myriad of IP related legal issues facing foreign companies doing business in China.

     Intellectual property is in our element. Here-in, we are proud of being recognized as a firm that is able to provide its clients with to-the-point and efficacious advice as to how foreign enterprises of all descriptions may advantageously exploit patent rights, trademark rights, copyright, and know-how, as well as advice on strategic planning for designing and developing new products without infringing the intellectual property rights of others and without inviting costly legal disputes. We are also uniquely well positioned to handle contract preparations and negotiations in respect of intellectual property rights.

    Our ultimate goal is to make our clients happy with our work and to maximize the interests of our clients under the current legal frame and system of China. To our relief, we can say there is nothing that we can regret for, and so far we have earned a little reputation among our clients and colleagues.

    Wish you to become a client of ours!

Andy An

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